Dual Allen Key: Always have the allen wrench you need handy! Hardened CVM-S2 steel bit fits all of the allen bolts used in SharpShooter assemblies such as the MonoRail lens mounting bolts and the CameraMount adjustment bolt/screws. Fits other common photography accessories as well. 1" heavy duty stainless steel split ring gives plenty of leverage. It's a miniature T-allen wrench that can hold your keys! $10ea



Strap Mount Hardpoint:  Hardened steel. Attaches to rail with included 1/4-20 mounting screw/nut/washer. Self aligning and will not rotate. Top or bottom mount. Can be used in place of lens mounting screw or on it's own, $25 ea


Custom Made Pin for CarrySpeed Strap: Made to order. Replace lens mounting screw, stand-alone, or on the stock. $15ea


Stainless Steel Screw:
Knurled and slotted for tightening with fingers or coin. $15.00 ea


Picatinny Rail Adapter: Anodized rail with threaded brass inserts. Painted aluminum spacer and mounting screws. Allows the addition of picatinny accessories like pistol grips, bipods, flashlights, etc.. 


3" Picatiiny Rail: $49.00


7" Picatinny Rail: $59.00


4, 5, or 6" Rail: made from 7" rail, $74.99



3.5" Arca Swiss clamp: Same as used on the Camera Stock. Mounts to the rail instead of mounting the lens directly. Allows for quick/easy lens changes. Includes mounting screws. $104.99

Palm Rest: Attaches to the monoRail to provide comfortable grip and proper "shooters stance". Adjustable for placement and balance. Attaches and removes instantly. Laminated hardwood with attached arca clamp. $85.00